Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cubs Go to Playoffs

The Cubs Go to Playoffs

As Thanksgiving break approaches, the Brenham Cub Football team prepares for their first game of the playoff season here at the Cub Stadium. After successfully beating Weiss 34-7, the Cubs will be hosting Boerne Champion in the Bi-District round of the Region IV/5A Playoffs Friday, November 16th at 7:30.

After interviewing students and players about the game Friday all I received was positive energy and great expectations. In speaking with both Braylee Koehl, a cheerleader for BHS, and Lonterrious McClain who is a DB for the Brenham Cubs, I heard great things about how the team has been playing recently and what we as students can do to help get our guys through playoffs. Go Cubs!

Interview with Braylee Koehl
Me: So how long have you been cheering at Brenham High school?
Braylee: All four years.
Me: How do you think the cubs have been doing this year so far?
Braylee: We started off a little rough, but as the season has progressed the team has seemed to grow closer and I think we are going to do well through the playoffs.
Me: Do you think Cheer is a vital part of the atmosphere?
Braylee: Extremely, it is our job to get the crowd involved in the game, especially if our team and fans are down because of how the game is going.

Interview with Lonterrious McClain
Me: How do you feel about us making it to playoffs?
Lonterrious: I feel like we did amazing things in the summer, we came back even when the coaches are brand new and we were behind on plays and starting the defense. We put in work and the seniors stepped up, I feel like we earned it, we really did earn it.
Me: How do you think we will do through playoffs?
Lonterrious: I think we will do great if everybody stays focused and we focus on playing as a team and standing together. Its pretty cold at practice right now, so everybody is pretty close together, but everybody has been staying focused and we'll reach the goal.
Me: So do you think the team has grown closer throughout the year?
Lonterrious: For sure, I think we have definitely gotten closer. I mean first game we lost against Magnolia West horribly and everybody wanted to quit, but now at the end of the season, we have stepped up all have all been getting closer, we eat together and soon enough we will be at each other's weddings.
Me: How do you feel about this being your final year of High School football?
Lonterrious: I mean it is sad because I won't get to play high school football anymore, but really I feel like I am gonna leave a legacy behind for the young guys, they are gonna step up and hopefully they will make State next year too.

Thank you to both Braylee and Lonterrious for taking the time to interview with me, and for the BHS Staff members that make this post possible.

The photos above are accredited to KWHI and A. Dismukes.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


ROTC Jesuit Drill Meet
New Orleans

The Brenham High School MCJROTC competed in the Jesuit High School Drill Meet in New Orleans this past Saturday. The armed drill team placed first in regulation drill, first in exhibition drill, and first in overall armed drill.
The combined drill teams, color guard, and physical training team placed third overall, with 25 schools from three states in attendance. The students also took a tour of downtown New Orleans.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Where will you be attending college?

Brette Kohring

Answer: Stephen F. Austin University

Marqez Bimage

Answer: The University of Texas

Jose Aguado

Answer : The University of Texas

Paige Fischer

Answer:Blinn College

Avery Schroeder 

Answer:Wharton County Junior College

Mckenzie Leuschner

Answer: The University of Texas

What did you do over the Christmas break ?

What did you do over the Christmas break ?

- Gathered with my family in Dallas. 

- Went shopping. 

- Traveled to different new places for me. 

- I stayed home and worked. 

- I helped organize a party. 

- I went to Disney land for my birthday. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Favorite college football team by Selena Herrera

Staff members share their favorite team:

Texas A&M

Note Dame


Texas A&M

Texas A&M

The University of Texas

Florida State

Texas State

Texas A&M

The University of Texas or Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Howard Payne

Texas A&M

Sam Houston

Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Texas Tech

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is your favorite thing to do in winter?? By Maria Paniagua

What is your favorite thing to do in winter?????

Melissa Martinez: Stay home and watch Netflix.
Maria Paniagua: Stay home watch movies and eat tamales and go to Mexico.
Marqez Bimage: Watch the TV Network Lifetime in my spare time.
Jose Aguado: Make fires outside.

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